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Gadgets: The best Google Home Hub deal just got better (again): $75 – CNET – FutureTechRumors
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Gadgets: The best Google Home Hub deal just got better (again): $75 – CNET


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Holy discounts, Batman — I’ve never seen a product steadily creep down in price like this. During the past few weeks, I think I’ve updated this post maybe four or five times, each with another drop of a few bucks.

As of now, this is the lowest price ever. Which is a big deal, considering that this smart-home appliance has a screen. For a limited time, and while supplies last, Platinum Wholesale Electronics via MassGenie has the Google Home Hub for $69.99 when you click the orange Power Deal button.

It originally sold for $149, and in recent weeks I’ve seen it at $76, then $75, then $74. Today: $70, out the door! If this trend continues, the Home Hub should be free around mid-June.

To get the deal, you’ll need a MassGenie account, and you’ll need to be signed in to use the aforementioned Power Deal button.

The Home Hub takes the Google Home smart speaker and adds a 7-inch touchscreen. That opens the door to things like guided recipes, song lyrics, appointment calendars and so on — all the same stuff your phone or tablet can do, but on something that’s a permanent fixture in, say, your kitchen.

Read CNET’s Google Home Hub review to learn more. Verdict: Top marks, even if the audio quality doesn’t quite rival some screenless smart speakers. Likewise, over at Best Buy, it has an impressive 4.6-star review average from over 2,300 buyers.

At $150, this might have seemed a little extravagant. But at $70? Yes, please!

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Originally published on March 29.

Update, April 25: Republished as deal hit a lower price.


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