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Cloud Computing: Linode Democratizes Cloud GPUs: Brings Powerful Nvidia GPUs To Its Linux Cloud

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Linode Democratizes Cloud GPUs: Brings Powerful Nvidia GPUs To Its Linux Cloud (www.tfir.io)




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Linode today launched new GPU-optimized cloud computing instances tailored specifically for developers and businesses requiring massive parallel computational power. The new instances are built on NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU cards with all three major types of processing cores (CUDA, Tensor, and Real-Time Ray Tracing) available to users. Linode is one of the first cloud providers to deploy NVIDIA’s latest GPU architecture. These new GPU instances give scientists, artists, and engineers working on artificial intelligence, graphic visualization, and complex modeling a cost-competitive alternative to hyperscale cloud providers.

  • dedicated GPUs = no live migration and max 5-6 GPU’s per host.

    • Linode has never supported live migrations in the first place, so I’m not sure why that’s relevant.

    • It’s Linode. They don’t have live migration anyways

  • Okay, they’re not “democratizing” a damn thing. They’re providing a service to whomever can afford it, and nobody asked us to vote on the price tag.

    • At $1.50 per hour its a lot cheaper than the $5000 price tag for a single GPU.

      • today i learned that “democratizing” means “selling at a lower price”

        • Yeah, this looks like a great moneymaker for Linode.

    • Democratizing means make something accessible to everyone. Not EVERYONE can spend $10,000 to run some ML workload for testing. This enables researchers to run their ML workloads for $1.50 per hour.

    • Quadros generally have better double-precision performance and support for ECC RAM. That actually matters when you’re using it as a compute card rather than a GPU.

  • Great. Now if they would only spend time working on things like proper monitoring so I don’t have to tell them when a VM is host is overloaded. Seriously. I don’t know why Slashdot is advertising such a crappy hosting company.

    • Weird, I have never had a problem with them (although I only have a Linode 2GB).

      • My current employer has a crap load of servers there (we send them about $30k/month) And our diagnostics tend to catch issues long before theirs do and quite often they will want us to run a network trace while the outage is happening even though that often means the console is not functional at the same time. When I do prove the issue is there side it’s “ohh yeah, the VM host is overloaded” Seriously, shouldn’t they know that before I tell them? And then there is the lack of live migration.. I just lost

        • Just got this. It is my third one in 2 weeks. I *really* wish they had live migration.


          We have detected an issue affecting the physical host on which your Linode resides.

          During this emergency maintenance:

          Your Linode may not be accessible.

          No action is required from your end at this time.

          We don’t have an ETA on when your Linode will be brought back to its original state.

          Once our administrators have completed the investigation, we will update this ticket with how we plan to proceed from here.

          Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

    • Slashdot isn’t advertising this company just because they posted an article about them. It’s not even endorsing the company. It’s called “news” when you relay information.

      • In what way is this news? They are nowhere even close to being the first VM provider to offer GPU hosting.

  • No, Linode didnâ(TM)t launch this today. It was launched weeks ago. In fact, the most recent mention of it on their blog was the 28th of June.

    Iâ(TM)m glad itâ(TM)s being reported on – but please, letâ(TM)s try and at least verify the story.

    • And please, at least try not to write posts filled with random â(TM).

      • Itâ(TM)s not my fault UTF-8 isnâ(TM)t adhered to.

    • It was announced today. Their press release was sent out today. Here is their press release on Yahoo! that was published today.



  • Does the nVidia EULA allow use of Quadro cards in data centers?

    This looks like a desktop workstation solution. Aren’t the Tesla series the only product line allowed to be used in a data center?

  • I mean, can we at least try to disguise it. Also if you want GPU power for non-video tasks just buy it yourself. There’s a ton of refurbed headless AMD & Nvidia cards out there for insane prices. I mean insane. I saw a 12gb 1080 equivalent refurb with warrantee for $105 bucks the other day. Hell, I was tempted to try it for gaming as there’s a trick to get it to output to video through onboard graphics on Windows 10

Nature always sides with the hidden flaw.


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