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Cloud Computing: BIY: Believe It Yourself

Cloud Computing:

The fast spreading and ease of access to Machine Learning and Cloud computing has brought to a boom of experiments and excitement around our ability to build machines that make sense, learn, measure and predict the world around us.

Moreover, with enough examples, we can train a tool or a ‘machine’ to recognize or quantify pretty much anything we want. ‘Beauty’, ‘Hotdog-ness’ or the more problematic ‘Criminal-ness’ and ‘Sexual orientation’ can be now measured within a few frames, based on a model, a probability, determined by a set of arbitrarily collected data. Subjective judgments and biased datasets can easily be turned into objective measures and potential truths, which will then be embedded in devices around us.

But what if we would train machines to measure even more unmeasurable, personal and culturally driven things? If we gather enough samples could we detect signs that prove and detect our superstitions? and can we use that to build tools and devices that reflect our own beliefs?

BIY™- Believe it Yourself is a series of real-fictional belief-based computing kits to make and tinker with vernacular logics and superstitions.

We worked with experts in fortune telling from Italy, geomancy from China and numerology from India to translate their knowledge and beliefs into 0100110010. With BIY™ you can tinker with cameras that can see luck, microphones that interpret your destiny, and compasses that can point you to harmony and balance.

As we tend to believe what machines say without often questioning them, now we can at least make machines that believe what we might believe in.

Order your own BIY™ kits now to translate cold and objective facts into your own true and subjective beliefs!

BIY.SEE, BIY.MOVE and BIY.HEAR are now available for preorder

Harmonious self driving

Build your own projects to move around following harmonious paths! The BIY.Move kit reinterprets location and context awarness through the logic of Chinese Geomancy and Fengshui

  • BALANCED LOCATION The board uses its own GPS coordinate to calculate whether it’s in a good location considering the Fengshui rules of positions of Mountains and Rivers nearby.
  • AUSPICIOUS RULER The board comes with a distance sensor, calculating constantly the most optimal distance to be at, based on the auspiciousness rules of Chinese Geomancy.
  • HARMONIOUS COMPASS The board functions also as a harmonious compass, translating the antique knowledge of the Bagua and the balance of the personal and natural elements into directions and paths for people and robots.


  • GPS
  • 9 AXIS IMU
  • 13 programmable IO pin

Check the full kit’s technical sheet

Fortune recognition kit

Build your own projects to see good and bad luck in everything around you. The BIY.See kit reinterprets Object Recognition trained on vernacular Italian Superstisions and through the logic of the Smorfia, Naples’ book of dreams

  • OBJECT RECOGNITION TO SMORFIA: The camera interprets what it sees according to the “smorfia” a book that details the old Neapolitan tradition in which dreams are analyzed and converted into numbers.
  • BAD LUCK ALERT: The board uses a camera to interpret its surrounding and inform the user of very unlucky configurations (e.g. a black cat crossing the street – 13 people sitting at a d

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