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Gadgets: This 3-in-1 avocado tool is the rare kitchen gadget worth owning


The product actually works • It’s extremely affordable • It makes your avocados beautiful • even if you have no technical skill • The tool reduces mess in the kitchen

The product doesn’t come with an instructional booklet • which can make learning how to use it tricky

It’s a worthwhile buy, especially if you’re a diehard avocado fan.

Few novelty kitchen gadgets are ever worth the expense. There are some, however, that are just cheap enough — and just functional enough — to consider buying.

I’m a particular fan of the CocoKool 3-in-1 Avocado Tool which helps consumers with the most basic of avocado-slicing operations. I’ve spent years trying to cut, slice, and pit my own avocados, only to come up short, injured, or covered in avocado. I can’t say that CocoKool’s 3-in-1 Avocado Tool is an avocado cure-all, because it still takes some level of skill to use. But it certainly helps to avoid some of the disgusting mess that normally ensues after you’ve cut up an avocado.

Gadgets: Visual poetry.

Visual poetry.

Image: heather dockray / mashable

For that, we should be grateful — and definitely willing to spend the roughly $6 this costs on Amazon.

Gadgets: Avocado Awesomeness

In my personal and extremely accurate opinion, avocados are one of the best fruits in the world. I am willing to do anything, no matter what the damage and regardless of the hour of the day, to put one in my belly.

Historically, however, I’ve struggled to cut avocados without creating an absolute disaster in the kitchen. No matter how many YouTube videos I’ve watched, I can’t slice an avocado into a pretty shape. Forget how many tutorials I’ve read about pitting avocados. I can’t pit one without getting avocado stuck under my precious little fingernails.

I’m not alone. Medical professionals and doctors even report seeing a number of avocado-related injuries every year. 

That’s why tools like the CocoKool 3-in-1 are helpful. Instead of being forced to use knives and risk actual avocado-based injury, the tool takes some of the pressure off.

When I used the CocoKeel 3-in-1, for example, I was able to slice the avocado into six pieces without cutting myself up –- which, to be honest, is a very new experience for me. Not only that, my slices looked relatively pretty, almost they like belonged in a restaurant. For context, my girlfriend is typically horrified when she sees me slice an avocado. She’ll often ask me subtle questions like, “Do you know how to use a knife?” and “What the hell is that?”

Using the slicer did require a small degree of manual dexterity, of which I have none. Still, it was far better experience than when I freestyle on my avocados. Once I pitted the avocado, I was able to slice it with relative ease. I could’ve thrown those pieces onto some whole wheat bread and called myself a chef. I could have opened an avocado toast café in Brooklyn and charged $10 a pop. 

Look at my beautiful little avocado baby. Isn’t she gorgeous? I love her.

Gadgets: She's a beaut.

She’s a beaut.

Image: heather dockray / mashable

I used the splitter to dig through the avocado’s skin and then the pitter to remove the avocado pit. Pitting it with the tool was also slightly easier than when I pit them normally. While the pitter was helpful for a standard-sized avocado, it was tricky for one of the larger avocados I tried it on. I had to rotate the pitter several times in order to get the pit out, which was more labor then I technically wanted to do (none). 

For the largest avocado, I had to hit the pit with the tool to loosen it and then rotate it out. That took a teensy amount of mechanical knowledge of which I, again, have none. Still, the level of precision the tool was able to provide was pretty impressive.

Gadgets: Look at those lines.

Look at those lines.

Image: heather dockray

Frankly, my experience with the CocoKool 3-in-1 was a relatively stress-free one. I just wish it came with instructions so I didn’t have to guess at how to use the splitter and pitter. Admittedly, it took me about two minutes to learn how to use the whole thing. But that was a minute that could have been avoided with a very cute instructional booklet.

It was a tiny price to pay. 

Gadgets: The CocoKool 3-in-1 is good and cheap AF

I can imagine there are a lot of folks out there who are resistant to the idea of purchasing something as seemingly frivolous as an avocado slicer and pitter when you can accomplish the job without one.

To them I say this: How well can you slice an avocado? How perfectly can you cut it without making a mess? How many times have you struggled to pit an avocado?

The CocoKool 3-in-1 works, and it’s just $6 with Amazon Prime. In the world of expensive kitchen gadgets, that’s not much. There are $9,900 juicers. There are $8,500 pizza ovens. There are blenders for $2,330.

Six dollars is cheap

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