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Windows Phone: Microsoft’s Your Phone App Can Now Mirror Your Android Phone’s Notifications

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Windows Phone: Microsoft

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Windows Phone: Windows

Windows Phone:

Microsoft’s Your Phone App Can Now Mirror Your Android Phone’s Notifications (




from the for-what-it-is-worth dept.

Microsoft is rolling out an update to its Your Phone app on Windows 10 that will allow it to

mirror notifications from your Android phone onto your PC

. From a report:

This makes good on a promise from August 2018 when Microsoft said that notifications would be coming. The core concept of Your Phone hasn’t changed. Once you sync an Android phone with the app, you can read and reply to text messages, look at photos in your on-device library, and even drag and drop the files. But once this update hits your machine, the app will get smarter, alerting you to any notification that your paired phone receives.

    • Justin Amash, just switch parties…

      • If all the people who should be outraged switched parties there would be only one party. Is that really what we want?

      • With the latest update my Windows Phone stopped syncing…

        • Probably b’cos that was their last update? One update on my Lumia 550 just ended WiFi support, so I just moved that number to an iPhone

  • The first step is always “embrace.”

      • Yes. Yes. It would be bad. Some poor bastards would not know any better and buy them. Windows Phone is not a thing for a reason.

    • The second step is “Slashdot is still full of old, tired memes that the rest of civilisation has grown out of”.

      • It’s not a meme idiot. Next someone will say “You have the right to remain silent” and you will claim “you have a right to an attorney” is a tired old meme society has grown out of.

        • The world I live in shows a monopolistic ecosystem and gorrilla in decline. MS was terrifying 20 years ago hence this name when I was young.

          In 2019 Windows is fading relevance. iOS and Android make up the vast majority of web traffic over Windows. Windows Phone is dead. All the cool kids are using node.js, python, MySQL, mongodb, and Amazon E3 frameworks. Not VB or New tools like Jetbrains, eclipse,, and Android Studio are innovating. Not Visual Studio.

          The only thing MS still has is MS Offic

          • by Anonymous Coward writes:

            The good news is MS has changed.

            Yeah, for the worse. Microsoft never integrated spyware and advertising into any of their previous operating system. They never crippled any of their previous operating systems so that the use couldn’t control basic security aspects. They never tried to force and sneak a previous operating system on to millions of computers. They never flat out lied and made a close window button secretly agree to their terms and accept an update that nobody wanted. They never tried to turn their users into an unpaid labour

    • Oh please. MS lost the mobile wars. Bill Gates himself owns a Samsung and even admitted it was the biggest mistake MS made and led to Balmers departure.

      Bill Gates also said there is only room for one non Apple OS.

      Your living in 1999 still as others have pointed out. By the way I think their launcher is shit and so is Windows 10 updates. But I could use notifications back and forth if I need text authorization for mfa or something

    • The second step is “ignorance”, typically that of anyone who uses the word “embrace” every time Microsoft’s name is mentioned without actually bothering to engage your brain.

      Go back to 90s Slashdot where you may be considered relevant.

    • Microsoft lost the phone wars b’cos they had too many false starts – Windows Phone 6 and Windows Phone 7. Had Windows Phone 8 been their first smartphone, as opposed to an also ran once iPhone and Androids were out, Microsoft would have done fine. The original Nokia Lumias were fine for a bunch of stuff, but their only shortcoming was lack of app support: there were no VOIP apps or videocall apps (WhatsApp’s one arrived on 10 pretty late), banking apps had limited functionality, taxicab apps were lacking

  • by Anonymous Coward writes:

    Been doing this for a long time with KDE connect, also file transfer, media player remote control, other cool stuff.

    • Same here. Microsoft isn’t just late to the party, the party is over.

    • Plus executing named commands…

  • Microsoft now gets a backdoor into sniffing some of Google’s data. I’m glad Microsoft failed at search. So now they will just get their app on Android phones and know all the same things about you that Google does. Yay. I wonder if the Microsoft app will also pair with Alexa? That way, you could get Alexa to contact the google assistant for you and get a broader knowledge base than just Amazon has. I see the singularity coming up. The giant tech companies becoming sentient.

    I do however, wish Windows Phones

    • Windows anal probe 10, now with full access to Android, yeah (if you are stupid enough). What is it with US tech corporations, it is like the biggest arse holes from the second grade, the nosey sicko stooleys that everyone hated have taken over America. The Union of Shitty Arseholes thinks this is a great look to be celebrated, it is disgusting.

    • They didn’t fail at search. They get less hits than Google but still have a reasonable chunk of the market. You can still be successful without dominating a market.

        • I use Bing every day. I have found it to be better than Google with inline results. There have been a few times where I have tried the same search in Google when I wasn’t getting hits that I wanted in Bing but the problem always turned out to be my query as I would get the same anemic results in Google.

    • Not really. Apple text message alerts often appear at the worst of times, like when you are showing someone something on your computer. You can probably turn it off, but by default it can be a pain in the ass.

    • I didn’t bring my personal phone to work today and now can’t access some things that I use in work. If work expects me to use sms based 2fa then they should be supplying me with a phone or other device that can receive the messages. They shouldn’t be depending on my personal property for them to run their business.

  • I had a Windows Phone. A Lumia 550. Since Microsoft gave up on that, I see no reason to use Microsoft apps on my phone: can’t be relied upon! Besides, Microsoft is no longer the old Microsoft of the 90s and 00s, they’ve been devolving ever since Windows 8

    • I use Microsoft Launcher (Formerly Arrow Launcher). If they stop updating it, it will still work… or I can just move to another launcher. I’m not really worried about that and will keep using it for the foreseeable future.

      It’s a shame MS gave up on Windows Mobile, it looked nice and I would have liked to try it, but I guess the numbers weren’t there to make it worthwhile.

  • It’s almost like I haven’t been getting notifications from my phone in Linux for years. I can even reply to text messages without touching the phone.

    • If you worked in the IT or software development industry you would know that Microsoft is far from dead. It’s still the go-to software platform for large offices and corporate enterprise networks. Yes, there is more competition out there, but it’s far from dead. Even on mobile a lot of companies are implementing Microsoft Intune. I don’t see too many big companies using KDE on their workstations or dev machines.

  • Now all my data doesn’t just need to go to Google and my mobile phone company. I can do a mirror of the data dump and share it with Microsoft.

  • As usual, Microsoft is playing catch-up with the Linux world. I’ve had this in KDE for years and years with KDE Connect.

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