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Windows Phone: Can You Switch ISPs With out Losing Your Email Address?

Windows Phone:

Welcome aid to Tech 911, Lifehacker’s weekly tech-advice column. Forward of I salvage to this week’s demand of, one swiftly summer reminder: The mailbag is taking a glimpse a little of sparse, because of you furthermore mght can very nicely be all potentially out having stress-free in the sun as an different of sweating it out with some perplexing PC enviornment. Please send me any and all tech-associated questions you’ve got so we can maintain your summer rockin’ with a range of Friday solutions.

With that out of the system, here’s this week’s demand of, submitted by Lifehacker reader Kenneth:

I dwell in a rural space and completely occupy Verizon Wireless for both phone and cyber net salvage entry to. A brand new ISP is now in my space (Air hawk Wireless) and makes exercise of IPL (cyber net over energy line) as their platform. If I swap to them what happens to my e-mail? Can I in point of fact occupy cell service with Verizon and quiet receive my e-mail on both platforms or attain I want a new e-mail address for Air Hawk Wireless? Thanks

Your description of your e-mail setup is a little of unclear, but that’s OK! Verizon’s e-mail service has been a little of complex, too, ever for the reason that company opted to high-tail away the e-mail industry completely aid in 2017. If you proceed to occupy some roughly verizon.salvage e-mail address, it’s in actuality being speed on the aid of AOL Mail. I’d expend here’s one thing you’d look, as you wish to salvage entry to your aged @verizon.salvage e-mail yarn via mail.aol.com—assuming you aren’t using a third-occasion app to pull down your messages.

Even though your e-mail address has Verizon in it, you’re free to swap ISPs with out losing your yarn. AOL Mail is a free service, finally, and that’s the extreme factor. In fact, you’ll potentially are searching to listen (or arrange a Google Files alert) for AOL Mail, in the off-likelihood that it goes away sooner or later as nicely—which would then fracture your Verizon address for licensed, I’d suspect.

I in point of fact occupy nothing in opposition to AOL Mail, but it undoubtedly does occupy some funky barriers that feel antiquated in comparison with what else is out there. I will’t salvage any up to this point figures from AOL Mail itself, but a 2014 article from Pc computer Mag indicated that you salvage “unlimited free storage” with the service. The true limits on that free storage are a combination of 1,000 new messages, Four,000 aged messages, and Four,000 despatched messages—that’s it. That also can feel like plenty, but it undoubtedly wouldn’t be ample for me. (My Gmail has around three,000+ messages in its Predominant folder by myself, and an even-extra upsetting “many” depend for my whole yarn.)

If you’re taking a glimpse to swap, I’d imply exploring companies like Gmail (for its free choices), Protonmail or Tutanota (for their privacy), or Posteo (a licensed combine of space and privacy, but €1 per month to make exercise of).

We’ve previously equipped some elephantine pointers for must you’re switching e-mail companies, but here’s a pointers in picture for you the swiftly version:

  • If that you furthermore mght can assume, pass your messages to your new service using any tools in addition they are able to provide (like Gmail’s, as an instance).
  • Otherwise, maintain in mind downloading your whole present messages to an offline app—which you furthermore mght can attain whenever you connect the app to your e-mail service via POP3. (assuming your e-mail service doesn’t in any other case offer some more uncomplicated system so that you can download all of your messages).
  • Export your contacts, if that you furthermore mght can assume, into a straightforward .CSV file. Import these into your new e-mail service.
  • Put of abode up e-mail forwarding so that you’re quiet receiving messages despatched to your aged yarn (for a little of bit, as a minimal).
  • State everyone who wants to know that you switched your e-mail address.
  • If you’re ready, shut your aged yarn.

If I were you, I’d bite the bullet and pass off Verizon Mail (now AOL Mail) to a assorted supplier. Otherwise, you’re free to maintain using your @verizon.salvage e-mail address with a new ISP. If that’s your major address you’ve been using, you won’t even must bother with any new e-mail yarn you’ll salvage out of your new ISP.

Discontinue you’ve got a tech demand of preserving you up at night time? Drained of troubleshooting your House windows or Mac? Procuring for advice on apps, browser extensions, or utilities to dwell a particular job? Allow us to know! State us in the comments below or e-mail david.murphy@lifehacker.com.

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