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Windows Phone: What a Excellent Comeback

Windows Phone:

What is the news?

Closing week, Apple announced Project Catalyst for macOS 10.15 Catalina, which makes it easy for builders to ship their iPad projects to macOS as native Mac apps. We are mad that Project Catalyst will enable us to ship Twitter support to the Mac by leveraging our existing iOS codebase. We’ll even be ready to add native Mac parts on top of our existing iPad abilities, whereas keeping our upkeep atmosphere suited as we continue to enhance this shared codebase within the years to reach.

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What came about with the aged Twitter for Mac?

Historically, Twitter had a Mac app that shared the identical roots as our iPhone app. Over time, Twitter for Mac and Twitter for iOS diverged as Twitter an increasing vogue of centered on its mobile apps. Supporting the 2 separate codebases used to be no longer a sustainable possibility and in a roundabout draw we sunset the native Mac app.

To focal point on the largest priorities, Twitter directed its consideration to the core customers it would spend money on strategically. This led to our Responsive Internet codebase being the spearhead for all platforms by potential of internet browsers plus iOS and Android codebases as centered strategic platform investments. We now had a approach to effectively develop Twitter’s reach with Internet as a Revolutionary Internet App (PWA) that could develop to be our installable app for Home windows and the mild-weight Twitter Lite for Android — one codebase, extra than one customers. The refocused priorities also intended sunsetting Twitter

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