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IPhone: Hands-on: How iOS thirteen makes it easy to share headphones audio with a buddy


One among one of the best fresh formula in iOS thirteen is one thing known as Audio Sharing. This lets you with out complications share your headphones audio with a buddy by Bluetooth, allowing you to listen to to the identical tune, look a movie together, and extra. Right here’s how it if truth be told works.

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What headphones work with Audio Sharing in iOS thirteen?

Improve for Audio Sharing in iOS thirteen is rather arbitrary. You’d mediate the feature would work all the contrivance thru all headphones with Apple’s W1 or H1 chip internal, nonetheless that’s no longer the case.

At the moment restrict, Audio Sharing in iOS thirteen is exiguous to:

One crucial thing to explain is that Audio Sharing is easy in beta, and Apple would possibly perchance presumably well add toughen for added headphones as time progresses. As an illustration, the Beats Solo3, Beats Studio3, Powerbeats3, and BeatsX all incorporate Apple’s W1 chip, and would possibly perchance presumably well theoretically work with Audio Sharing at some point.

What iOS devices work with Audio Sharing?

Audio Sharing in iOS thirteen is exiguous to newer mannequin iPhones and iPods. While the feature did work with older iPhones at some level of the early betas of iOS thirteen, Apple has since dropped toughen for anything else older the iPhone eight.

Right here’s the chunky list of wisely matched devices:

  • iPhone eight, iPhone eight Plus,
  • iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR
  • iPad Good 12.9-trail (2nd generation or later)
  • iPad Good eleven-trail
  • iPad Air (1/three-generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPod touch (seventh generation)

How does it work?


Apple says there are two strategies thru which you’ll be in a place to open Audio Sharing in iOS thirteen. Simplest one in all the strategies is are now residing in iOS thirteen beta four, on the opposite hand.

First off, Apple says that you just’ll be in a place to raise two iOS thirteen devices cessation to every other to open Audio Sharing. As you would perchance presumably perchance presumably seek for in the speak above, each and every devices will be presented with a popup confirming they’d treasure to exercise Audio Sharing.

What’s better about this intention is that one pair of headphones is connected to every instrument, and attributable to this reality every user has objective contend with watch over of their quantity. It’s also far more uncomplicated than having to re-pair and pair thru the Settings app. This intention, on the opposite hand, is no longer supported in the iOS thirteen betas, nonetheless Apple says this would possibly perchance well presumably perchance also be accessible by the level of the public open later this year.

The 2nd intention of the exercise of Audio Sharing is rather extra sophisticated, nonetheless does work in the iOS thirteen betas. When you occur to’re pairing any individual else’s headphones to your iOS instrument, you’ll must be definite their headphones are in pairing mode. Be taught our guides on AirPods and Powerbeats Good to be taught the contrivance you would perchance presumably perchance presumably attain that.

From there, head to Settings then Bluetooth and join to each and every pairs of headphones. Then, when picking an audio output possibility in the Tune app or any video app, simply lift each and every items of headphones and audio will play thru each and every.

This intention intention that every user would now not essentially have chunky quantity contend with watch over, even if the Powerbeats Good attain feature a physical quantity rocker that affords this.

Audio Sharing is a somewhat nifty feature in iOS thirteen. For the duration of the days of the headphone jack, three.5mm splitters had been a truly easy technique to share audio with others, nonetheless Audio Sharing takes issues to the following stage. Have you tried the feature? Let us know down in the feedback.

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