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IPhone: Why I raise an iPhone and an Android cell phone


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More phones are extra stress-free

Dwelling and loving the two-cell phone existence.


To no person’s surprise in any respect, now we have a thing for Android right here at AC. It is the cell working arrangement that all of us dangle to as our deepest preference, with causes ranging from customization, cell phone diversity, etc.

Then again, I have a confession to build. Since final September, I have been carrying an iPhone XS as smartly as to an Android cell phone. GASP.

I made up my thoughts to derive up the XS final 365 days to provide iOS one other chance, and I ended up liking the abilities a lot extra than I had anticipated. Almost a 365 days in, I’ve come to esteem explicit strengths provided by each iOS and Android — ensuing in me at this time the usage of an iPhone XS and OnePlus 7 Expert as my on each day basis drivers.

There are some things iOS does somewhat a lot better than Android, but on the opposite hand, Android has advantages to it that I manufacture now not envision coming to iOS anytime soon.

It is miles a minute bit breakdown of just among the things which have caught out to me primarily the most.

IPhone: What iOS does better


Let’s win the controversial portion of this text out of the capacity first and focus on in regards to the strengths of iOS.

Loads of my pals and relatives employ iMessage. As lame as this sounds, having an iPhone makes it so important more straightforward to be in neighborhood chats with them, send images, etc. Loads of diehard WhatsApp and Telegram customers give iMessage crap, and while I manufacture now not know if I would secure in thoughts it to be the finest messaging platform available, there is no denying its user sinister — especially in the us. Furthermore, I love the concept of having one app on my cell phone for all of my messaging needs. The Messages app is largely the most helpful capacity to employ iMessage, but after I want to focus on with my Android-touting contacts, I will fire off an SMS moral as rapidly.

I manufacture now not gaze Apple ever creating an iMessage app for Android, but while you occur to would perchance perhaps very smartly be like me and have an iPhone, we now not too long previously printed a recordsdata on tips on how to win your iMessage conversations on an Android cell phone. The setup assignment takes some technical technology and quite plenty of persistence, but it does provide some freedom of being in a location to employ no matter cell phone I desire and amassed have win entry to to all of my messages.

How to win iMessage on Android

One thing else that stands out to me in regards to the iPhone is its superiority as a digital pockets.


Google Pay is in actuality lawful for paying along with your card at stores that bag NFC, but beyond that, or now not it is extra or less ineffective. Apple Wallet excels at in-retailer funds while also having the finest enhance in the synthetic for boarding passes, live performance tickets, membership purposes, etc.

Which won’t suggest important of the rest to just a few you finding out this, but for someone like me that can now not raise a bodily pockets if it wasn’t for my driver’s license, having a smartly-designed and supported platform like Apple Wallet makes a world of dissimilarity.

Even in 2019, iOS amassed has a better app ecosystem in comparison to Android.

Lastly, the third substantial thing that’s kept me the usage of an iPhone is the good of apps in comparison to their Android counterparts. This is one thing that’ll fluctuate on a case-by-case basis relying on what apps you utilize, but for me, many of the apps I employ day-to-day are better on iOS in a single capacity or one other.

I employ a dog practising app that offers me a brand sleek lesson every single day to fight through with Damon (my boxer/pitbull mix who’s a truly lawful boy), but for some aim on Android, these on each day basis lessons are now not there in any respect. I will fight through individual methods and checks, but the pre-made plans are nonexistent. The financial institution that has my savings account and investments has apps for Android and iOS with similar functionality between the two, but the iOS one has a important cleaner manufacture and is less advanced to navigate. My essential other and I employ a budgeting app called Buddy. It is received budgeting tools we need with a perfect manufacture, but or now not it is handiest on hand on iOS and not utilizing a plans from the developer to raise it over to Android.

Every other time, this finally comes down to the apps that you utilize, but even with moral a handful that offers better experiences on iOS or would not have an Android model quite yet, or now not it is a substantial plan for me to put maintaining onto the XS.

IPhone: What Android does better


Will must you might perhaps presumably very smartly be amassed finding out and have not dived into the feedback portion quite yet to crucify me, let’s now take a 2nd to provide Android the reward it deserves. Because, as important as I love and esteem iOS, there are some areas precise through which it will’t put a candle in comparison to Android.

Being in a location to swap my wallpaper and bound app icons round is k, but as someone that extinct to be in actuality into rooting and modding phones, the obstacles iOS has in the customization division can build the abilities quite inclined at times.

I’m the usage of the OnePlus 7 Expert as my Android cell phone for the time being, and with it, I’ve made the following tweaks:

  • Modified the launcher to an alpha assemble of Lawnchair 2.zero to win that candy Pixel-like interface
  • Added the Google Feed to my leftmost home display conceal
  • Created home display conceal gestures to with out considerations win entry to my Lickety-split Settings and launcher settings
  • Made the arrangement accent colours match my most modern wallpaper
  • Downloaded a personalised icon pack and Adapticons to have a streamlined app icon shape for the entirety


Taking time to build a cell phone that’s in actuality yours is a a form of thing. I manufacture now not scramble to the extent that Ara does with surroundings hours aside to develop jaw-shedding customized subject issues, but the very fact that so important flexibility is provided is tremendous. This is now not the rest sleek, but when the usage of every working programs side by side, you enact come to esteem how important Android offers in these regards.

The innovation that’s on display with Android phones correct-making an try now would perchance perhaps be unmatched.

One other glaring, but essential, profit Android has is its open-source nature. This does consequence in slower updates and omitted security patches, but the innovation we’re seeing with Android gadgets from some OEMs is tremendous. From a hardware standpoint, the OnePlus 7 Expert trumps my iPhone XS. There’s now not a notch and on the subject of no bezels, a 90Hz display, a pop-up selfie digicam, an in-display conceal fingerprint sensor, and one of the essential finest silicone on the market — occupied with hundreds of dollars less than the XS.

Will must you’re taking a gander at what’s being provided in other worldwide locations from the likes of Xiaomi, Oppo, and ASUS, things win even extra animated. The now not too long previously launched Redmi K20 Expert ships with nonexistent bezels, excellent battery existence, and one among primarily the most striking designs I’ve ever seen. Its value in USD? A minute over $Four hundred.

With iOS, there is quite important handiest been two choices — the sleek iPhone and a Plus mannequin. Apple shook up that strate

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