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Android: Spotify’s Android widget will return in a future update


When it first eliminated the widget, the corporate mentioned, “We repeatedly catch retiring aspects in Spotify very critically.” It went on to account for the removal by noting of us would possibly perhaps well access mighty of the identical performance by the working design’s notification coloration (pictured above). Needless to bellow, none of that helped to defuse the misfortune.

Within the aftermath, the group forum post the put Spotify first shared the news changed into stuffed with Fifty two pages of response — none of them sure — and a few Sixteen,000 votes sooner than the corporate closed the thread. As The Verge notes, one particular particular person even mentioned they moved their complete household to Tidal in consequence. The resolution changed into especially infuriating because of the your full other well-known song streaming providers and products level-headed provide an Android widget.

When the widget comes support in a future open, Spotify says this is able to well even merely add visual tweaks and performance enhancements. No be aware yet on when the corporate plans to open that update, on the other hand. That mentioned, by apology, a supervisor mentioned, “We designate your enter and ideas…” and invited users to proceed offering the corporate with feedback.

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