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Security: John Bolton, Out the Revolving Door


Opinion|John Bolton, Out the Revolving Door


Readers focus on what the departure of the national security adviser says about President Trump.

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To the Editor:

Re “Trump Ousts John Bolton as National Safety Adviser” (nytimes.com, Sept. 10):

The departure of John Bolton is merely the most recent in a prolonged and by no contrivance-ending sequence of resignations and firings from the revolving-door Trump White Home. Many clever, savvy folks private joined the administration, easiest to acquire that their counsel is left out and that they and their reputations are sullied as they return to non-public lifestyles.

The most practical technique to defend the self belief of the president is to totally include him and his myriad lies and distortions, secure his delusions, and consistently boost his fragile ego.

It is far seemingly to be an eternal thriller as to how President Trump became once able to proceed attracting any celebrated figures to befriend in an administration whose hallmarks are instability, flip-flopping, incompetence and chaos, and correct by contrivance of which a president is loyal and devoted easiest to himself. Other folks who kill a deal with the satan are deserving of no sympathy.

Oren Spiegler

Peters Township, Pa.

To the Editor:

President Trump fires John Bolton for being too hawkish? Someone who has ever heard Mr. Bolton give a speech or read any of his writings or watched the ideas is aware of that Mr. Bolton is a hawk. What did Donald Trump save a query to?

Peter Jannelli


To the Editor:

Studying this memoir is oddly refreshing. It is doubtless you’ll perchance presumably also very effectively change a obvious president and the memoir would soundless seem believable. The president did a long-established ingredient in a long-established contrivance for a long-established reason. And provided that John Bolton if truth be told may perchance perhaps perchance, as the president suggested, private us in four wars if he had his contrivance, I assume I’m on the president’s side. It’s a strange feeling!

Adam Block


To the Editor:

I’ve consistently despised John Bolton, but I imagine he’s an wonderful man. Subsequently, if Mr. Bolton did indeed offer his resignation on Monday, unasked, and President Trump suggested him to attend except next day, the ploy became once obviously to turn it into a Trump firing.

Mr. Trump organized the in a single day extend in bellow to magnify his possess energy and point out that it became once he who became once making the determination. Artful, conventional, frightful and wholly anticipated. The silver lining is that Mr. Bolton is finally gone.

Alan Levitan


To the Editor:

There’s an empty deck chair free on the Trump Immense for a national security adviser. No journey or ethics wished; blind loyalty and obsequiousness major. Please send all functions to “The Presidential Apprentice” in care of Trump Productions.

Glen Handler

Verona, N.J.

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