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Windows Phone: This Extremely Customizable Controller Will Get You Greater on the Change

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Photo: Andrew Liszewski (Gizmodo)

Nintendo makes an shining standalone controller for fogeys that take gaming with one thing extra gigantic than the Change’s Joy-Cons. The Real Controller changed into once continuously what I actually helpful to someone buying for a Change gamepad, but now now not to any extent further. 8BitDo’s SN30 Real+ isn’t ideal, but its greatest plan—its skill to be fully personalized and reprogrammed—bigger than makes up for its few flaws.

Within the event you grew up taking half in classic consoles cherish the Enormous Nintendo, Sega Genesis, or N64, you doubtlessly keep in mind third-celebration controllers being lawful awful. If I ever went over to a legitimate friend’s dwelling to play video video games, I continuously made certain to bring my very own controller lest I be stuck with a knock-off and destined to lose at Mortal Kombat. (In most cases a wooden worker’s instruments are to blame.)

The sigh of third-celebration controllers has improved since then, fortunately, whereas tranquil suited competitive in label. Within the event you desire a few extra controllers for split-show veil veil multiplayer gaming, no person’s going to whinge about getting stuck with an off-label gamepad on the present time. But with 8BitDo’s unique SN30 Real+, it’s now genuinely laborious to recommend Nintendo’s $70 hardware when for $50 you might possibly perhaps possibly win a Change-generous wi-fi controller that feels better within the hand, affords buttons with a nicer tactile response, works with diverse gaming programs, and can impartial even be fully reconfigured and personalized to slump neatly with even the most obsessive gamers.

The SN30 Real+ seems cherish a mashup of the Change Real Controller and the PS4 DualShock gamepad, with aspect by aspect analog joysticks and a directional pad paired with a net page of four motion buttons. I genuinely take the asymmetrical analog stick layout of the Change Real Controller, but the directional pad on the SN30 Real+ feels mushier (in a lawful manner) and better capable to the low button-mashing wanted for taking half in retro 2D video games, whereas the glossy motion buttons re-light fond recollections of the N64 and SNES’ own controllers.

One other neatly-behaved improvement is that now not like the Change Real Controller and the Joy-Cons, the SN30 Real+ entails a pair of analog triggers with intensive walk so that once taking half in titles cherish racing video games you might possibly perhaps possibly better control your acceleration. It’s a characteristic that’s supported by many video games within the Change library, but now now not by Nintendo’s real controller hardware, which is strange. The SN30 Real+ additionally entails motion controls and rumbling. Neither are moderately as advantageous or nuanced as Nintendo’s own implementations, but those are additionally capabilities I, for my half, don’t care about.

The SN30 Real+ now now not completely capabilities a swappable rechargeable battery, nevertheless it’ll additionally be changed with a pair of AAs as wanted.
Photo: Andrew Liszewski (Gizmodo)

Now not like the third-celebration controllers of yesteryear, 8BitDo’s build wonderful is satisfyingly solid and an increasing kind of I gain myself reaching for the company’s hardware for gaming. The SN30 Real+ additionally entails a rechargeable battery that also can impartial even be juiced up with a USB-C cable, nevertheless it completely affords about 20 hours of gameplay. Nintendo’s Real Controller boasts forty. But 8BitDo has made its battery pack removable, so that you might possibly perhaps possibly swap it for a backup, or a pair of readily on hand AA batteries have to you secret agent yourself in a gaming emergency.

Syncing the SN30 Real+ to the Change, a laptop, and even an Android instrument isn’t terribly difficult, nevertheless it requires diverse combinations of buttons to be pressed at energy up for every teach instrument. It’s a path of I continuously have to scrutinize up first on-line, so I’d love for 8BitDo to print or etch those directions and button combos on the motivate of their controllers for easy reference. As soon as synced, alternatively, the SN30 Real+ routinely paired with my Change each time they were each powered up.

8BitDo’s Closing Tool is within the meantime completely on hand for Dwelling windows and macOS, there’s no mobile app, which is form of disappointing.
Screenshot: Andrew Liszewski (Gizmodo)

At this level, I’d tranquil take into fable it a toss-up between the Change Real Controller and the SN30 Real+, but with the latter, you additionally win the 8BitDo Closing Tool which, in a manner of talking, normally is a literal game-changer. Within the event you’ve ever long gone correct into a game’s settings to remap a few buttons or invert a joystick’s behavior, then you definately’re mostly conversant in what the Closing Tool might possibly perhaps possibly make. But whereas completely a few video games genuinely provide a lawful degree of controller customizability of their settings, the SN30 Real+ brings it to all the pieces.

The 8BitDo Closing Tool, on hand for Dwelling windows and macOS computers, lets gamers customize nearly every roar of the controller, and set apart diverse configurations for easy accessibility later. It’s most likely you’ll possibly remap any of the buttons, flip down or elevate the rumbling solutions, program personalized macros to trigger a series of instructions with a single button press, alter the sensitivity of the analog joysticks and triggers, and normally manufacture the controller behave precisely the manner you take.

Many of the tweaks you manufacture to the SN30 Real+ also can impartial even be examined in staunch-time for the period of the 8BitDo Closing Tool app.
Photo: Andrew Liszewski (Gizmodo)

I understood why such customizability changed into once necessary to a few gamers, but the SN30 Real+’s easiest characteristic didn’t seem cherish one thing I’d ever genuinely expend till I downloaded Superstar Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast—a game I changed into once very mad to idea ported to the Change till I played it. On a PC the game’s first few missions, when your personality doesn’t wield the Power or a lightsaber, are easy to beat with a mouse, but dramatically extra well-known when played with a gamepad. So powerful so that I in an instant sought out cheat codes to present my personality the Power, a lightsaber, and an admittedly unfair motivate lawful from the beginning.

Making matters worse changed into once the truth that inverting the joystick’s Y-axis for aiming isn’t imaginable in Jedi Knight II’s settings: an choice that many gamers, including myself, take. Frustrated, I turned to the SN30 Real+ and likely ample, inverting the Y-axis on the joystick changed into once an effortless one-click on repair, as changed into once re-arranging the motion buttons attributable to, for some cause, I saved unintentionally activating the weapon bewitch menu whereas taking half in. It took all of two minutes to repair and cure some missing capabilities in a game I changed into once ready to fully abandon.

If there changed into once one component I’d give a boost to relating to the SN30 Real+ it’s that lawful now it’ll completely be configured the usage of the 8BitDo Closing Tool app on a laptop, and over and over having to connect and reconnect the controller with a USB-C cable to envision your tweaks will get dreary. It additionally makes it laborious to load up diverse configurations whereas you’re away out of your laptop. A mobile version of the app that labored wirelessly would be a neatly-behaved improvement as you might possibly perhaps possibly also lawful flip to your iOS or Android phone which is continuously in attain.

It would additionally relieve so that you can make A/B testing lawful on the controller, where two diverse configurations might possibly perhaps possibly be uploaded and instant toggled with a swap so that you might possibly perhaps possibly also with out downside test which one played better in a game. But even with those urged improvements, I’m tranquil moderately impressed with the SN30 Real+. 8BitDo has in the end managed to make one thing this frail college gamer never belief imaginable: it’s created a controller that’s now now not completely better than Nintendo’s, but more affordable too.


  • It’s a third-celebration controller that manages to outperform Nintendo’s own Change Real Controller, and for $20 more affordable.
  • The 8BitDo Closing Tool affords a ambitious degree of controller customizability, nevertheless it completely works on Dwelling windows or macOS computers.
  • The SN30 Real+ does encompass motion control efficiency, nevertheless it doesn’t in actuality feel as nuanced because the Change’s Joy-Cons.
  • Involves analog triggers that none of Nintendo’s controllers make, despite it being a characteristic the Change supports.
  • Relies on Bluetooth so it’ll additionally be connected to PCs, Android gadgets, and even the Raspberry Pi.
  • Removable rech

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