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Blockchain: Telegram Faces Anti-Piracy Referral to US Over Cryptocurrency Plans



Russia-based fully mostly anti-piracy outfit AZAPI is threatening to document Telegram to United States authorities including the SEC if the platform does now not introduce fingerprinting technologies. The affiliation says that a crackdown is needed because Telegram’s blockchain project TON shall be former to anonymously monetize the spread of copyrighted content material.


Telegram became founded in 2013 by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, who beforehand launched Russian social network VK (vKontakte).

The messaging carrier has grown from power to power and currently has around 300 million users. Nonetheless, Telegram is increasingly extra linked to the spread of copyright-infringing self-discipline matter, as highlighted in October by the RIAA.

“Telegram provides many particular person-created channels which will almost definitely be dedicated to the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted recordings, with some channels targeted on particular genres or artists,” the RIAA wrote in its submission to the USTR.

Whereas one submission to US authorities is problematic, Telegram also can quickly face about a extra coming from Russia itself, the set a court dispute exists to prevent ISPs from providing safe entry to to the carrier. The possibility comes from the Web Copyright Protection Affiliation (AZAPI) which represents copyright holders including one of the most most largest e book publishers.

AZAPI says it has identified now not less than a hundred and seventy Telegram channels that aid to distribute pirated content material to an viewers of several million users. A letter reportedly despatched by AZAPI to Telegram (received by local recordsdata outlet Kommersant) has the anti-piracy outfit complaining that most channels, and certainly Telegram itself, are now not responding to copyright complaints.

It’s a station shared by Aleksey Byrdin, Director Classic of the Web Video Affiliation.

“Since 2016, now we possess frequently encountered completely the neglect of the Telegram administration to the claims of copyright holders on audiovisual content material,” Byrdin says.

Which skill that, AZAPI wants Telegram to

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