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Gadgets: Maker Spotlight: Bernie Solo


Name :

Bernie Solo

Where are you located?


What is your day job?

Design/Fabrication/Content Creator

Do you attend a makerspace/fablab/hackerspace?

Yes. “Factory Two” in Flint, Michigan


Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Instructables

What kinds of stuff do you make?

My favorite things to build are mechanical gadgets. I also enjoy lighting design. I usually incorporate digital fabrication in my design work. Materials can be anything, metal, plastic, wood, etc.


How did you get started making stuff?

I’ve done creative work since I was very young. I was an artist and photographer throughout high school, then went on to get a BFA degree from College of Creative Studies in Detroit, majoring in commercial art. I’ve been doing creative work as my profession for over 30 years. I’ve never not been making.

What is something that you’ve made that you’re really proud of?

A recent project that I’m very proud of is my Zombie Apocalypse Defense Weapon. Here is the link to the YouTube

What is next on your project list?

I’m currently developing a mechanical product that I will manufacture myself. It will be announced publicly soon.

what is something you’d like to work with but you haven’t yet?

I’d like to work with a metal cutting CNC mill. I have a cnc router, but it’s not quite solid enough for metal.


Any advice for people reading this?

I would advise anyone contemplating getting into a craft or a making type of hobby to go for it, and be sure to seek guidance and support from the vast Maker Community. Most makers that I know are very gracious people who are eager to help.


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