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Android: Co-Star brings its bizarre astrology notifications to Android


Android users who want bizarre push notifications got some great news on Friday. 

Co-Star, a popular astrology app with some light social features, finally got its long-awaited Android release. You can head over to the Google Play Store and download it right now. We weren’t able to test it immediately, but it looks like a fully featured port of the app that’s been popular on iOS for the past couple of years.

In case you aren’t in the loop, Co-Star is a strange combination of horoscope reader and social network. Instead of just using your sun sign (the one based on your birthday used in newspaper horoscopes), Co-Star asks for more specific information, such as location and time of birth. It uses this info to generate a chart that includes your moon sign, Mars sign, and other aspects of astrology that go way beyond basic horoscopes.

Once it figures all that stuff out, Co-Star uses NASA data and its own AI to write personalized horoscopes. It’s become somewhat infamous for sending users push notifications that go outside the bounds of what we normally expect from horoscopes, such as “Start a cult.” It’s either the best of worst part of the app, depending on how you look at it.

And since every mobile app needs to have social features for some reason, Co-Star lets you add friends. You can chat with them or see how your birth chart compares to theirs. It may not have the Channing Tatum endorsement like fellow social astrology app The Pattern, but Co-Star is popular for a reason.

If you use Android and find comfort in astrology, you might as well give it a shot.

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