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Android: Should Huawei Just Abandon Android?



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Should Huawei Just Abandon Android? (androidauthority.com)



from the my-way-or-the-Huawei dept.

Due to a U.S. government ban on sales to Huawei, Google

revoked its license for popular apps

last spring (including Gmail and the Play Store). But this week Huawei executive Fred Wangfei suggested that even if that ban is lifted, Huawei would continue developing its own app ecosystem instead to avoid the possibility of


political complications.

The vice president of risk management and partner relations at Huawei later called those remarks “incorrect,” while elsewhere Huawei issued a slightly different statement — that “An open Android ecosystem is still our first choice, but if we are not able to continue to use it, we have the ability to develop our own.” But BGR was already noting that Huawei “is ready to invest $3 billion this year to incentivize more than 4,000 developers to improve its Huawei Mobile Services system. Another billion is reserved for marketing purposes.”

And Android Authority suggests Huawei should stick to its original statement. “Maybe it’s time for Huawei to go all-in on Harmony OS and do what it can to bring a viable alternative to Android and iOS…”

If there’s any company today that has the financial resources and raw talent necessary to bring in a viable third choice for smartphone operating systems, it’s Huawei… Sure, it would be a long-term investment and there would inevitably be short-term losses as the company tries to find its footing and develop Harmony OS to have its own identity. But it would prevent something like the Huawei ban from happening to the company again as well as further the company’s ambitions as not only a smartphone manufacturer but as a technology creator….

Huawei would have major difficulties in encouraging wide adoption of Harmony OS for one major reason: it’s Huawei. The Huawei ban exists because the United States government doesn’t trust Huawei and there are numerous (as yet unproven) accusations against the company related to espionage, IP theft, fraud, and even violations of international treaties… Huawei is already in a bad situation. It’s going to need to dig itself out of the hole it’s in regardless, so why not use this opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade and develop Harmony OS as a viable third option on the way?

Maybe the industry needs a shake-up… Maybe a new operating system is just the kind of fire OEMs need to turn the market around. Maybe a real, potent threat that the billions of people who use Android and iOS just might jump ship to something else would scare companies into taking some real risks.

As I said earlier, there aren’t too many companies out there right now that could do this, but Huawei could.

If you’re not careful, you’re going to catch something.


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