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Blockchain: West Virginia Poised To Allow Smartphone Voting For Disabled Voters


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West Virginia Poised To Allow Smartphone Voting For Disabled Voters (arstechnica.com)



from the ignoring-the-risks dept.

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica:

West Virginia’s legislature last week passed legislation allowing disabled voters to cast votes by smartphone, sending the bill to the desk of Governor Jim Justice. Justice is expected to sign the legislation, according to NBC. It’s a decision that alarms many computer security experts, who say that the Internet and smartphones are too vulnerable to hackers.

The legislation would require every county in the state to offer smartphone voting. It doesn’t specify any particular voting method, but the state has recently been experimenting with software called Voatz that tries to use a blockchain to help secure elections. West Virginia performed a small-scale pilot project with Voatz in the 2018 election, allowing about 150 overseas voters to vote using the technology. A fundamental problem with online voting, experts say, is that modern computing devices have a huge “attack surface.” Even if the voting app itself is completely secure, there might still be vulnerabilities in the user’s operating system, network, or the servers used to register users and collect votes. And to swing an election, a hacker doesn’t need to change anyone’s votes — just preventing some of a candidate’s voters from voting can be sufficient to swing a close election. But West Virginia officials have pressed forward, arguing that it’s too difficult for some disabled voters to get to a physical polling place to cast votes.

Washington is also considering smartphone voting. The King Conservation District, a district of 1.2 million voters encompassing Greater Seattle,

may have the option to cast votes online

using a smartphone.

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