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Blockchain: Jami Logo

Jami is free software for universal communication which respects
freedoms and privacy of its users.

Its main goal is to provide a communication framework and end-user
applications to make audio or video calls, send text messages and make
generic data transfers. It makes this possible via multiple paradigms: a
modern decentralized approach using a DHT to find peers or classical
centralized SIP as a soft-phone. The domain of usage is not limited to
physical users, it also includes integration with connected objects

Available on all major platforms, this free
software project is led by Savoir-faire
– a Canadian/Quebecois
GNU/Linux consulting company – and is supported by the global community.

As a free software its sources are licensed under the

Contributions, help and suggestions are very welcome!

Feel free to open tickets on our Gitlab, help us with the translation, documentation, packaging, code, tests, etc.

You can contact us:

End user notes

This wiki contains technical documentation and resources for anyone who wants to understand how Jami works or if you want to develop something with the platform. If you are a end-user, please refer to our website or the FAQ.

Also, if you prefer to build your binaries from source, please refer to the build instructions page.

Also, you can see features by client via this page

Technical documentation

The technical documentation is mainly available here and here

But this is the main parts:

  • OpenDHT, a DHT library to provide the basis of our distributed network
  • Nameserver, (optional) is our registration system based upon an Ethereum Blockchain, but anyone can implement theirs using the following informations:

  • The daemon in charge of the accounts management, SIP features, crypto, video, etc
  • The clients for all platform to interact with the daemon.

Resources for contributors

Development Processes and Contributing

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