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Gadgets: CES Will Be Held In-person in Las Vegas Next Year



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CES Will Be Held In-person in Las Vegas Next Year (theverge.com)



from the how-about-that dept.

The group behind CES plans to hold the enormous tech convention in person in Las Vegas next January,

despite concerns that the coronavirus pandemic may still be a threat

. The Consumer Technology Association has announced that it intends to give exhibitors a way to showcase their products “both physically in Las Vegas and digitally.” From a report:

The stakes are high for CES. It’s one of the largest conventions held each year in Las Vegas, responsible for bringing a huge number of visitors to the city, with around 175,000 attendees last year. The Las Vegas Convention Center, the primary venue where the event is held, is scheduled to complete a $980 million expansion just in time for next year’s show. And while consumers may know CES as the event where new TVs, cars, and other gadgets are announced, it also remains an important venue for meetings between retailers, manufacturers, and all the companies in between.

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