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Artificial Intelligence: New Tool Searches Customer Reviews to Find Terms Consumers Use to Reach Your Brand Online

Artificial Intelligence:

Revuze has launched a new tool that allows businesses to map and analyze customers’ experience reviews to help boost brand image. The tool uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) that automates semantic text analysis. It segments the data based on relevance to help better inform business decisions on products and brands.

Artificial Intelligence: Revuze Customer Insights

With this tool, businesses can optimize their messaging on their web pages and digital outreach campaigns by aligning content with the customers’ language and perceptions. The solution works across industries by helping businesses glean valuable insights into user experiences and customer satisfaction.

At the basic level, these insights will help you identify effective marketing content, increase sales and revenues and improve brand loyalty. At a higher level it will help you make product improvements; identify customer pain points; improve your rankings in search engines; and overall improve your Return on Investments (ROI) through better customer experience.

Previously marketers used keyword research tools that were not wholly reliable and swayed towards guesswork. With AI marketers can intuitively pinpoint customer insights and tweak their content for better impact. The technology provides users with deep insights from the comfort of their desks. And it doesn’t require data analysts or IT professionals to make sense of the complex data. The crunched data comes through a plethora of reports that include cause and effect analysis aspect breakdown.

A good digital experience is crucial for a successful eCommerce business. This helps in ensuring customers who visit your site feel good about the products they’re looking for. This is also an important milestone in the customer’s journey when they are researching or looking to make a purchase. Because it helps narrow down their options when they are ready to buy. For businesses involved in eCommerce, it will help shore up both brand recognition and endorsements from users.

A Closer Look at the Solution 

Instead of providing you with a broad market perspective, Revuze’s solution helps provide businesses with specific insights into your brand and products. This will help you to focus on issues that matter to your business by bringing context to your marketing efforts.

It provides up to 80 metrics for each of your products. By gathering data from a range of sources including surveys, emails, call center transcripts, social media and others. Furthermore, you also get the top positive and negative reviews to help you pinpoint customer’s accolades and pains towards your product. The solution also offers accuracy and automation in any language and region. This comes with a timeline feature that helps you map fluctuations in sentiments and customer satisfaction to help you pinpoint what factors are affecting them over time.

The brand dashboard comes with key performance indicators and sentiment analysis exploring your brand, products, and features. Additionally, it monitors your competition to the product level. This lets you see how your product stack against those of your competitions. Not only this, but it also offers a comparison of you and your competitors across over 40 metrics.

Revuze’s solution comes with a customized annual subscription model to fit the business needs of each client.

The Impact of AI on the Workflow of Small Businesses

Artificial Intelligence is delivering innovations in business workflows. Through machine learning and automation, it is helping even the smallest of businesses with tools to improve their processes and competitiveness. From research, marketing, production, customer service, and after-sales service AI makes these another process possible.

Even though a small percentage of Small and Medium Businesses (SBM) use AI, those using the technology are experiencing the benefits. They can now delegate certain tasks to AI and commit their manpower to focus on creative and high priority tasks.

For example, the adoption of technology-based accounting or back office solution makes it possible to do without CFOs. S

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