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Just over a month ago I posted about Mini Radio Player UWP, a super new application for accessing all forms of online radio, under the one roof. And the updates have been coming thick and fast, see the extensive changelog below. I’ve omitted extra changelog items for the same app for Android, but it’s worth noting that this application exists there anyway, should be in the throes of switching platforms?

In the meantime, here’s what’s new (for Windows 10 Mobile) for the excellent Mini Radio Player UWP in the last month or so then, taking us up to v5.6.2:

  • Improved code by making changes and optimizations to reduce redundancy (and security) thus reducing unexpected behavior, app size and memory usage and improve future developing.
  • Fixed not updating total favorites count in current session when mass deleting favorites.
  • Fixed possibly not displaying the correct favorites list state due to not waiting for request in adding or removing favorites.
  • Fixed sign-out process not actually resetting user settings.
  • Removed Windows Hello sign-in.
  • Fixed changing sound volume sync option and closing settings immediatelly after, would crash the app.
  • Improved performance and experience applying color schemes at startup by removing the background transitions.
  • Improved requesting a radio to be cached but still save the last selected radio settings.
  • Fixed favorite categories list not updating properly after adding or removing a category (temporarily fixed server side by disabling cache).
  • Fixed browse menu not doing open animation after selecting a browsing item.
  • Added “change e-mail address” form for Mini Radio Player user accounts. Users can now change their e-mail address without using the alternative process of exporting the profile, deleting account, creating new account and importing the profile.
  • Changed Stream Stay Alive check timing after playing a stream from 4 to 6 seconds of delay.
  • Fixed not being possible to access the web app on Windows Phone 8.1 with IE11 as it was detecting as an Android device (possibly broken for 2 years and 4 months or 1 year or 7 months?! But remember trying a wp8.1 device recently and the webapp opened).
  • Fixed minimal mode being enabled for premium users.
  • Possible fix for user session not being saved after signing in due to possible failure to delete cached files on som